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We Enjoy Taking The Opportunity To Help Others In Becoming property owners In Southeast Kansas

McDonald Standley Investments, LLC is a privately owned company, we enjoy taking the opportunity to help others in becoming property owners as well. Our program is very simple, and it is the same way we have acquired most of our homes. You invest $100.00 a month or more into an escrow account we set up for you with our company, then every year as homes become available, we use that money to build you a portfolio of homes for you. Our secret is that there are homes out there that we can pick up on foreclosures, and many times the banks will settle for a lower price on these foreclosures if offered a specific amount of money.

Once we have your escrow account built up, we will start looking into rental properties, another great investment is using the money to buy out other property owners. They usually want a down payment and then we take over their bank note to pay off and contract out with them the difference of the sale. This is how my company has gained 64 of the properties it owns, and with your investments we can do the same for you. Does not matter if you are a homeowner, renter, or a person living with other family members.

How Can We Help You?

The process will take about three years before there are enough funds but the more you invest the faster the process will go. Everyone of our renters is involved in this same program and now we are at a point where we can buy 42 properties at an apartment complex. After the properties are purchased, the investors will be making money on average the second to third year, because of the quick turnaround most investors take that money and re-invest it into the company for more homes.

The best part of this investment program is that when you are ready to stop investing and start receiving a check from your investments, our company will work with you to start the process. This is a great retirement program, we all know and understand that Social Security will not cover all our future expenses, but with investments into rental property, you sit back and let our company bring you the money.

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Property Management in The Southeast Kansas Area | Call us at (303) 803-3910